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Inductor (Choke)

Inductors also known as a Choke, Coil or reactor. Inductor is a passive two-terminal electrical component which resists changes in electric current passing through it. It consists of a conductor such as a wire, usually wound into a coil. When a current flows through it, energy is stored temporarily in a magnetic field in the coil and resist flow of change of Current.

If a changing flux is linked with a coil of a conductor there would be an EMF induced in it. The property of the coil of inducing EMF due to the changing flux linked with it is known as inductance of the coil. Due to this property all electrical coil can be referred as?inductor. In other way, an?inductor?can be defined as an energy storage device which stores energy in form of?magnetic field.

Choke are useful within Panel with Motor Drives, which also reduce Current Harmonic generated by Drives. Inductors are design on basis of Current carrying capacity and its milli Henry.

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