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Transformer Turns Ratio Test Set

Understanding the requirement of Transformer industries, we present a Transformer Testing Instruments such as Transformer Turns Ratio Test Set.

Electrical properties of insulating systems change due to age and continuous electrical stress.

The Turns Ratio test is an?AC low voltage test?which determines the ratio of the Primary winding to all other Secondary windings at no-load. The Turns Ratio Test is performed on all taps of every winding.

Transformer Turns Ratio Tester is a lightweight and easy operated? Testing Equipments. Highest Turns Ratio accuracy With ratio of 200:1.

Voltage is applied on the?LV Winding?and measured on HV Winding? by the test set..

Ratio of Transformer measure by conducting at LV Winding and calculated by dividing the induced voltage on all tap positions reading into the applied voltage value.?When ratio tests are being made on?3 Phase Transformers, the ratio is taken on one phase at a time with a 3 Phase TTR by rotary Selector Switch until the ratio measurements of all three phases are completed.

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