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Transformer Routine Test Set (Routine Tester)

This kind of products are small in volume, light in weight, with compact structure and multiple function, general-purpose and easy to use.?Routine Tests of Transformer?is mainly for confirming operational performance of individual unit in a production lot. Routine tests are carried out on every unit manufactured as well maintenance.

The?Transformer testing?performed before commissioning the transformer at site is called pre commissioning test of transformer. These tests are done to assess the condition of transformer after installation and compare the test results of all the low voltage tests with the factory test reports.

Special Tests of Transformer?is done as per customer requirement to obtain information useful to the user during operation or maintenance of the transformer.

Routine tests of Distribution Transformer include:

????????? Transformer Voltage Ratio Test

????????? Magnetic Balance Test

????????? Magnetizing Current Test of Transformer

????????? Transformer Vector Group Test

????????? Measurement of No Load Loss & current (Open circuit test)

????????? Transformer winding resistance measurement.

????????? Measurement of Insulation Resistance (IR).

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