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Relay Test Set (Secondary Injection Test Set)

All reputed Company in Power Sector globally having Protection System Relays required for Power System. The Testing Instruments offers excellent accuracy, ease of use, strong and durable enough to withstand many years of use equipments to Industries.

We Testing Instruments Offer Relay Test Set with the capability to test virtually any relay, from simple over current relays to complex three-phase, microprocessor-based relays requiring phase shifting capabilities. Secondary Injection Test Sets are used by utilities, manufactures and service companies to facilitate the periodic testing and maintenance of their protective relay test systems in all of the critical operational areas including transmission, distribution and generation. Testing is performed by simulating various fault conditions and monitoring the performance of the protective device under test.

The Testing Instruments provides a means of testing the magnetic tripping?actuator as well as the trip unit. The portable test set, using power from an?ordinary Voltage convenience outlet, can provide circuit breaker testing?equivalent to much more expensive and cumbersome primary current testing.

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